M4 Downs-Mullingar-Longford

Could open : 2020 Status : Likely
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Upgrade to Motorway : 59 km

The M4 is an important route running from Dublin-Sligo. The M6 splits at Kinnegad and continues to Galway, and the N5 splits at Longford and continues to Westport. (A separate proposal would relocate the N5's origin to Carrick-on-Shannon.)

Due to the importance of linking the poorly developed west of Ireland to Dublin and the rest of the road network, two upgrade schemes are on track for the M4: an upgrade of the Downs segment east of Mullingar, which commenced in 2012, and a new offline dual carriageway from northwest of Mullingar to Longford. It is likely that this latter road should be ready to start by 2020.

in 2009, a short segment of the former N4 was redesignated motorway from the M4/M6 split to a point a few kilometres west. The N4 Downs project involves remodelling of the road width to high-quality dual standard, and it would be prudent to do the same while developing the longer Mullingar-Longford scheme, which would enable an upgrade of the whole route from the current end of the M4 at junction 13 as far as an area north of Longford.

The NRA's position on this is not yet clear, and a lot is riding on the standard that the Mullingar-Longford dual carriageway is built to. This has not yet been clarified, and if it is built as D2AP, motorway redesignation will be impossible.

On the other hand, if it is built to HQDC, the conversion of the stub west of Kinnegad shows that there may be the will to eventually create a Dublin-The West motorway, and redesignation will surely follow.

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Origin The Downs, east of Mullingar
Terminates North of Longford
Places Served Mullingar, Edgeworthstown, Longford
Routes Spawned -
Intersects N52, N55


Please take a minute to answer a very short survey on your opinion of this road proposal.

Ren2k7 rates this scheme 9/10 and its alignment 7/10:
"As long as it's of HQDC standard this should definitely go ahead. BTW, terrific site."
Thanks Ren!

MOTORWAY GEENIUS rates this scheme a very specific 9 1/2 out of 10 and its alignment 8 3/4.
"I think it is essential because we really need a motorway from Dublin to Sligo. I think the M4 J6 Maynooth and J7 Kilcock should be upgraded."
A person from the UK thinks this is a good idea and rates it 10 out of 10 but its alignment only 3.
"Needed to allow for Sligo and Mayo traffic to Longford as recently a lot of accidents have happened along this stretch. Also there has been an increase in HGV's on this route."
Mick really likes this idea (rating it 9/10 and the alignment 9/10). But he seems unsure what spec I am recommending for it as he comments as follows:
"Should be higher spec. HQDC2."
I'm unclear that HQDC2 is - presumably it means High Quality Dual with 2 lanes each way (this would be standard anyway). In any case I recommend the route be built to motorway spec which is even higher than HQDC.

A person rates this 10/10 and the aligment 7/10. They have this to say:
"Should have a link with the N5 somewhere west of Longford."
H rates this only 4/10 and the alignment 1/10 and hammers his opinion home by stating that the road should be lower spec:
"Travels right in front of my house ... no thanks!"
Middle Man rates this idea 10/10 and says this:
"Traffic levels now 12000+ cpu - should be motorway to at least N5 junction north of Longford."
Someone rates this idea 10/10 and the alignment 9:
"Should have a road link with the N5."
Bill also gives this a 10/10 and the alignment 6. He thinks it should be HQDC and seems to think this is needed with some urgency:
"A lot of traffic jams from 2013 onwards."
A person gives this a 10/10 on both counts, though it "should be higher spec: MOTORWAY."
MANDGO rates this 10/10 but thinks the alignment merits only 2. They think the standard should be higher spec (HQDC) and have a single word to make in commentary:
Someone rates this 9 on both counts but thinks the standard should be higher:
"Hqdc should be best for the west. Longford especially needs upgrade to its road network especially between mullingar and Rooskey as it no longer has the capacity as a single lane route."
Someone else thinks this deserves a 10 and the alignment 9 and has this to say:
"Motorway connecting Mullingar to Longford should have been completed years ago. Furthermore there should be at least a dual caraigeway all the way to Sligo."
Kane says:
"Should be high spec to allow future expansion to the west."
He rates it 10/10 on both counts but thinks the standard should be higher.

A person rates this 10 but the alignment 7 which should be higher:
"Urgent for commuters to the capital."
Rating this 10/10, Ogo says:
"Absolutely essential to develop the West - must be done all the way to Sligo - would be major boost to Longford, Leitrim (North & South), North Roscommon, South Donegal and Sligo."
Dublin Resident/Roscommon Born rates this 10/10 and the alignment 9/10: "HQDC or Motorway is sufficient, anything less than this is a waste of time and money."
"The N5 needs to the diverted to join the N4 before Carrrick on Shannon and Boyle. Would be more cost effective to join up with dual carraigeway already constructed between Dromod and Rooskey."
A person rates this 8/10 on both counts. They reckon it should be higher spec:
"The Downs to Mullingar (5km) should be made as 'motorway' (120 km/h) with a separate R448 single carriageway. I really wish that there will be funding for a Mullingar to Longford motorway."
Somebody has rated this 10/10 and the alignment 8:
"This would be of massive benefit to people in the west of ireland being able to commute to dublin for work."
This has been rated 10/10 and the alignment 7/10 but the person thinks the standard should be higher:
"Needs to be brought over the shannon."
Limo rates this 10/10 but the alignment only 5, and thinks it should be higher spec.