N5 Carrick-on-Shannon to Frenchpark

Could open : 2020 Status : Not under consideration
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Single Carriageway : 21.3 km

The N5 currently originates at Longford and winds its way west on a largely substandard alignment all the way to Westport. The N4 passes through Longford on its way to Sligo. Westbound traffic wishing to access destinations such as Charlestown, Castlebar and Westport joins the N5 at Longford since it is the shortest route despite not being up to the task in terms of build quality.

However, this will change in the future. The N4 is due to be upgraded to dual carriageway the whole way from Mullingar to Sligo which offers the possibility of skipping a large part of the N5. If a short section was built between Carrick-on-Shannon on the N4 and the small village of Frenchpark, N5-bound traffic could continue on the N4 dual carriageway as far as Carrick before joining the new N5 at that point. This would remove the necessity of upgrading many poor quality sections of the N5 between this point and Longford, particularly at Strokestown.

In a private correspondence with the NRA in 2009, it was revealed that such a scheme is in fact being considered. If it takes place, it will happen after the N4 Carrick-on-Shannon and N5 Ballaghaderreen bypasses are completed since these are prerequisites.

Update Nov 2015: Since a long new single carriageway is planned for the near future from Frenchpark to Strokestown, it is now clear that the NRA (renamed TII) are no longer considering a Carrick-on-Shannon to Frenchpark rerouting for the N5 and we will in fact have a replacement N5.

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Origin N4 west of Carrick-on-Shannon
Terminates N5 at Frenchpark
Places Served -
Routes Spawned -
Intersects N4


Please take a minute to answer a very short survey on your opinion of this road proposal.

JupiterKid from Ireland rates this scheme 8/10 and its alignment 9/10; and reckons the standard is about right. He/she has the following comments to make:
"This re-routing of the N5 makes complete sense. It maximises the future upgrade of the N4 and removes the need to upgrade the N5 between Scramogue and Frenchpark. It's believed in any case that there might be considerable difficulties upgrading the existing N5 in the vicinity of Tulsk because of multiple ancient settlement sites.

However, the N5 is such a poorly aligned and dangerous standard of road that it could be argued that minor improvements such as widening in sections and removing the worst bad bends from the Frenchpark-Scramogue section should be carried out in the interim. The route as it stands barely merits regional route status let alone a National Primary."

Neworder79 from Ireland rates this scheme 7/10 and its alignment 4/10; and reckons the standard is about right: "Straightened alignment should allow adequate safe passing opportunities, currently non existent on that section of N5."

He/she has the following comments to make:
"This could be attractive to N5 commuters AS LONG AS the chosen alignment keeps journey times down and doesn't track too far north.

A southern bypass of Carrick-on-Shannon linking the N4 east of the town it would make this a more compelling case. The danger of this scheme is that despite the cost and addition of a new N road, it will add to already long journey times between Dublin and West, motorists would stick to the faster, shorter, more direct N5 route."

Joe L from Ireland wants to know,
"Have Roscommon Co Co [county council] commented on this route proposal?"
I have not seen a comment from them; any plans to build a scheme along this alignment so far have been investigated by the NRA. He rates this scheme 10/10 and its alignment 8/10; and reckons the standard is about right.

Someone from Ireland likes this scheme a lot, rating it 10/10 and its alignment 6/10, but thinks it should be higher spec with
"some room for safe overtaking."

Fergal Jennings from Ireland rates this 8/10 and its alignment 8/10, and has this to say:
"N4 should continue to Letterkenny and Derry; N17 and N61 are in serious need of de-bending."

Someone from Ireland rates this 10/10 on all counts, but thinks it should be higher spec:
"Dual carriageway like Dromod bypass."

Longford Man rates this idea 10 out of 10 and the alignment 7 out of 10. However he thinks it should be higher spec - D2AP or HQDC:
"Join the N4 and N5 at between Boyle and Carrick. It's a no brainer, and focus taxpayers' money on efficiencies. No point having two medium roads for a large price when you could potentially pay accumulatively less for one higher spec road."

CaptainPlanned from the United Arab Emirates rates this 10/10 and the alignment 7. However he would have this be motorway:
"Revitalizing the area depends on attracting business, which depends on upgraded infrastructure. Dual carriage way is a good place to start, with views to upgrade to motorway."

Freddy from Ireland only rates this 6/10 and the alignment 8 but is quite upbeat about it in his commentary:
"Even if the existing plans for N5 towards Longford go ahead this can be used as an extension of the Dundalk to Carrick road. Useful link from the border area into Mayo."

Someone from Ireland thinks this is a great idea (10) but not so much the alignment (5):
"Money would be wasted on upgrading the N5 to strokestown."
This is a reference to the N5 Ballaghderreen-Strokestown scheme, due to be progressed soon.

Ben C rates this 9 and the alignment 8, but thinks the spec should be "dual carriageway or a 2 plus 1."
"May need a road from south leitrim through elphin and tulsk and maybe loylough down to corrofin and near ballymoe heading all the way down to galway that cuts through the sticks and all the rough roads. And also have a bypass around roscommon because it's usually a very busy town and takes long to go from one town to another."