National Primary Route 2

Opened : 2006

Status : Complete

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Motorway : 13 km
HQDC : 4 km
D2AP : 0 km (64 km within 10-15 years)
Single Carriageway : Remainder

The N2 was a straight road winging its way out of Dublin in a north-northwesterly direction, striking out for Derry. Beyond about Slane, is reverts to a winding country road. Near Dublin, it passes the large satellite town of Ashbourne.

In May 2006, a 17km high quality dual carriageway replacement for this latter section opened. In August 2009, 13km of this was reclassified M2, creating a new motorway.

The rest of the road is single carriageway. There is a long-term plan to upgrade from Ardee to the border to dual carriageway or motorway in order to tie in with another proposed dual carriageway, the A5, in Northern Ireland, which together would create a new route between Dublin and Derry.

Update 12/07/2019: The Slane Bypass is at Route Selection with announcement of the preferred route overdue now. Ashbourne-Kilmoon Cross, Clontibret-NI Border and Ardee-Castleblayney are still all at feasibility study.

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Origin Upper Dorset St, Dublin
Terminates A5, Northern Ireland Border, north of Monaghan
Places Served Finglas, Ashbourne, Slane, Ardee, Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, Monaghan
Routes Spawned -
Intersects M45 (Proposed Leinster Outer Orbital Road), M50, N51


Section km Opening Date Standard
Finglas BP
(but no longer part of route)
2.1 c1996 D2AP
Carrickmacross BP 8.5 2005-01 SC
Ashbourne BP - M50 (S Section) 4 2006-05-24 HQDC
Ashbourne BP - M50 (N Section) 13 2006-05-24 M (from 2009-08-28)
Monaghan Town BP 3 2006-09 SC
Castleblayney BP 15.8 2007-11-05 2+1
Slane BP 4 2024 D2AP
Ashbourne-Kilmoon Cross 5 2025? D2AP?
Ardee-Castleblayney 31 D2AP
Clontibret-NI Border 24 D2AP