National Primary Route 1 Traffic Counts

Source: NRA Traffic Count Data and NRA Traffic Data Portal. More counters.


In 2009, the traffic count for the area north of the Turnapin (M1/M50) interchange was nearly 110,000 vehicles per day. In 2010, as part of the M50 rebuild, this section was widened to 8 lanes - so the section was at capacity on the day it opened. The count for the area north of the Airport interchange was 80,000. In April 2011 this section was 6-laned so it, too, was saturated on the day it opened. All this assumes the following capacities: 4 lanes, 55,000 vpd; 6 lanes, 82,500 vpd; 8 lanes, 110,000 vpd.

Since traffic counts at the Balbriggan South interchange were nearly 55,000, and this is capacity for a 4-laned motorway, it seems that widening to a minimum of 6 lanes will need to take place along the whole M1 as far as this point. The section Airport to Drynam interchange (east of Swords) or Lissenhall (north of Swords) could have auxiliary lanes added to increase width to 8 lanes.

Beyond here, counts are low, as the Dunleer figures below show, and are not expected in anything but the long term to outgrow a 4-lane configuration.

Show notes on counter locations

Turnapin Nth M01-20M : M1 between M50/M1 interchange and airport interchange
Airport Nth M01-19M : M1 north of Airport interchange
Balbriggn Sth M01-17 : Balbriggn Sth M01-17
Drogheda-Bypass M01-12 : Drogheda-Bypass M01-12
DunleerBypss M01-09B : M1 immediately south of M1/R169 Interchange
Mooremount M01-09A : M1 immediately south of M1/R170 Interchange to Ardee
Charleville M01-08B : M1 immediately north of M1/R170 Interchange
Drumleck M01-08A : M1 southern side of M1/R166 interchange
Castlebellingham M01-7 : M1 between Southern Link and Drumleck interchanges
Ravensdale N01-01 : N1 immediately south of Louth/Armagh border

Turnapin (North of Junction 1)

Turnapin - Year on Year Growth


Airport - Year on Year Growth

Balbriggan South

Balbriggan South - Year on Year Growth

Dunleer (South of Junction 12)

Dunleer - Year on Year Growth