N5 Charlestown-Bohola and N58 Ballyvary-Balla

Could open : 2035 Status : Uncommitted
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Dual Carriageway : (N5) 18.5 km, Single Carriageway : (N58) 11.6 km.
Total : 30.1 km

With an N5 dual carriageway programmed for Castlebar to Westport, and a new single carriageway for the N26 to Ballina, it makes sense to continue these as far as the north-south Atlantic corridor. This would create a cross with the north-south part running from the N17 up to Ballina, and the east-west part originating at the N17, running west through an intersection with the N58 at the small village of Ballyvary and onwards to Westport on the west coast.

The opportunity should then be taken to rationalise routes in Mayo and the West generally. Largely for political reasons, the area is over-served with national routes.

- The N60 is a poor quality road from Roscommon to Castlebar. A separate proposal is for a new routing from Tulsk to Castlerea. The rest of the N60 (Castlerea-Roscommon) should be downgraded.
- The N83 is an N17 deviation that takes in Ballyhaunis; this is unnecessary.
- The N84 is a Galway-Castlebar road; an upgraded N17 is sufficient to cover traffic making this movement.

The routes to be downgraded can be seen by browsing the map below.

Please give your opinion on this road proposal. Rate it out of 10, and whether you think the standard (road width) is appropriate.

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Origin N5: N17 at Charlestown; N58: N17 at Knock
Terminates Both: N5, in the vicinity of Bohola
Places Served Swinford, Kiltamagh
Routes Spawned -
Intersects -

MAP OF N5/N58 :