N22 Ballyvourney-Farranfore

Could open : 2040 Status : Not under consideration
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Dual Carriageway : 38.3 km

The county of Kerry suffers from poor access. Towns such as Dingle, Cahersiveen, Listowel, and even large Tralee are far from any major trunk routes. Dual carriageway penetrating the county most of the way to Tralee and coming from both the Limerick and Cork directions would do much to redress this problem. The distances involved are great, however: over 100 kilometres would be needed. The N22 is programmed for some improvements west of Cork city, but since the 2010 spending review only the Ballyvourney-Macroom section is secure. There is no specific plan for the route west of that as far as the split between the N22 and N23 at Farranfore, but a dual carriageway will eventually be needed.

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Origin Ballyvourney, Cork
Terminates Farranfore, Kerry
Places Served Ballyvourney, Killarney, Farranfore Airport
Routes Spawned -
Intersects N23, N72


Please take a minute to answer a very short survey on your opinion of this road proposal.

UngainlyTitian from Ireland likes this scheme. They rate it this scheme 10/10 and its alignment 8/10; and reckon the standard is about right. They have the following comment to make:
"It will not be much use if Macroom is not also bypassed".
Someone from Ireland rates this scheme 10/10 and its alignment 5/10; and reckon the standard is about right. They have this to say:
"Macroom is in bad need of a bypass".
(Note that a bypass of Macroom is not included in this proposal but is a separate project).

Val from Ireland is also a big fan of this scheme, rating it 10/10 and its alignment 5/10; and reckons the standard is about right. He has this comment to make:
"An essential way to allow people to be able to commute between cork and Kerry. The roads are atrocious presently and always gridlocked no matter how early you travel this road".
Sten Bjorsell from the UK rates this 10/10 but the alignment only 5/10:
"Erect noise cushions with sloped stone/earth walls when closer than 500 meters to existing dwellings".
Arleen O'Shea from Ireland rates this 10/10 on both counts.

hereiam from UK rates this 10/10 and 9 for the alignment. However, they think it should be higher spec:
"Badly needed. Hopefully Macroom/Ballyvourney is done soon. Killarney/Farranfore section is also bad due to constant heavy traffic and extreme traffic in summer months."
A person from Ireland urges the Government to
"Get on with it !!"
and rates this idea 10 and the alignment 7.

Someone rates this 10/10:
"This is an essential route that needs to be undertaken."
Someone else rates this 10/10 but thinks the scheme should be motorway:
"Kerry is very badly served need urgent connectivity."

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