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Dual Carriageway : 13 km

The county of Kerry suffers from poor access. Towns such as Dingle, Caherciveen, Listowel, and even the county town Tralee are far from any major trunk routes. Dual carriageway penetrating the county most of the way to Tralee and coming from both the Limerick and Cork directions would do much to redress this problem. Although schemes are in preparation to cover some of this distance, they will not reach all the way to Tralee. This dual carriageway aims to widen, through online dualling, the section from Tralee to the Castleisland bypass which opened in October 2010.

Update July 2011: The route that the Tralee Bypass is taking, construction of which began this month, parallels a section of the N21 with a new route for the N22. The N22 and N21 will now be on completely separate routes and interfacing the Tralee Ring Road at different points. Since the N21 will no longer carry the traffic loads for both routes, it may now no longer necessary for it to be dualled. The Tralee Bypass will open in July 2013.

Update March 2013: Since it is now abundantly clear that changes to the N22 brought about by the Tralee Bypass are making this proposal obsolete, this scheme has been removed from the Futures map, and is no longer considered necessary.

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Origin Tralee, Kerry
Terminates Castleisland, Kerry
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JupiterKid from Ireland rates this scheme 7/10 and its alignment 8/10; and reckons the standard is about right. He has the following comment to make:

"Yes, I would agree with this section of the N21 being dualled fully. There were plans to dual part of this route in the 1990s (from the N22 junction to Tralee town) but for some reason they were dropped. Trafic volumes would probably warrant this scheme."

[Note that, as pointed out above, this may no longer be a valid assertion due to the alignment that the Tralee bypass scheme is taking.]

Daver from Ireland rates this scheme 1/10 and its alignment 1/10; and reckons the standard is about right. He isn't a fan and has this to say:

"This needs to be re-evaluated to take into account the new Tralee Bypass. Also it proposes a new route from Killarney to Ballyvourney and nothing from the other side of Ballyvourney. This should in fact be the opposite."

[A perfectly valid observation about the Tralee Bypass. However, this is the Futures section of the site, which discusses roads which are not being considered by the government but should be. As a dual carriageway the other side of Ballyvourney is indeed being considered, there's no need for it to be here.]

MAP OF N21 :

Note that although the below map shows the N21, no alignment for a new dual carriageway is drawn over it, as the upgrade is no longer needed.