M9 Direct connection M9-N25

Could open : 2040 Status : Uncommitted
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Motorway : 2.9 km

The current arrangement at the point where the M9, N24 Waterford-Limerick road, and N25 converge north of Waterford City features large at-grade roundabouts instead of grade separated junctions. This arrangement is poor and will undoubtedly lead to problems in the future. A bypass of this section would pass the M9 directly through the N25 and onward to the access route to Waterford City, leaving the roundabouts to serve the traffic movements between the N24, N25, and M9.

A reduced-ambition scheme is indicated in yellow below at the M9/N24/N9 junction, and would grade-separate this part only. The N9/N25 junction would still be a roundabout, though this option does not require a new offline section to be built, and is therefore greatly cheaper.

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Origin M9, 2km north of N25 Waterford Bypass
Terminates N25 Waterford Bypass
Places Served -
Routes Spawned -
Intersects N25


Please take a minute to answer a very short survey on your opinion of this road proposal.

Diarmuid from Ireland really likes this idea, rating it 8/10 for necessity and 9/10 for alignment.
"Very poor ending to M9 at present. A good idea."

An Irish person rates this 8/10 and the alignment 7/10. They think the standard is about right and have this to say:
"The N24 Mooncoin bypass should definitely look at grade separating the N24/M9 roundabout.
If you did the new M9 offline link that allows you to grade separate the other roundabout to have the N24 running freeflow to the big N25 roundabout."

TXMick from Ireland rates this 7/10 on both counts and thinks the standard is about right:
"A lot of traffic approaches these roundabouts at too high a speed, leading to frequent accidents. Anything to remove one or both from the M9 route into Waterford City would be a help."