M25 Waterford Bypass

Could open : 2020 Status : Likely
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Redesignation to Motorway : 16.4 km

The N25 Waterford Bypass was opened in October 2009. Inexplicably, it was not designated motorway, though it was built to the right spec. It is even a toll road, which makes it unusual as there are few precedents in Ireland for tolling a non-motorway road. An upgrade to motorway would protect the scheme from inappropriate development alongside and be a more appropriate treatment of the infrastructure. No physical changes would be required.

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Origin West of Waterford
Terminates East of Waterford
Places Served Waterford city
Routes Spawned -
Intersects M9


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Irish And Proud from Ireland rates this scheme 10/10 and its alignment 7/10; and reckons the standard is about right. He or she has the following comment to make:
"I could never understand why this road was not designated a motorway. In fact, AFAIK, it was to be designated as same while construction was underway."

Nunny from Ireland rates this scheme and its alignment 8/10; and reckons the standard is about right.

Definitely not a fan from Ireland - rating this 1/10 on both counts and saying that it should be lower spec. They hammer home the point with:
"I do not like the Waterford Bypass. I think citys should not be bypassed apart from Dublin."

Great variety of opinion here. Middle Man from Ireland thinks this idea is fantastic, gave it 10/10 and has this to say:
"When I learned this wasn't being designated as a motorway, I was disgusted - it's a motorway except they don't call it one."

TXMick from Ireland rates this 10/10 on both counts and thinks the standard proposed here is about right:
"I'd like the Sir Humphreys in the permanent government to explain why a simple change of classification hasn't happened yet. No doubt there is some civil service excuse mixed with the usual antipathy for the area."

Ban-One rates this 10 and the alignment 9:
"Fully agree, the bypass is probably the best built road in the South East at the moment, till the New Ross bypass opens. What would help is a dual corridor section of the Kilmeaden side as well as the Slieverue side."

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