M25 Southern Ring-Midleton

Could open : 2025 Status : Likely
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Upgrade to Motorway : 29.2 km

The N22 and N25 Southern Ring upgrades are designed to create a motorway ring around Cork city. Cork will have the M20 entering from the northwest and the M8 from the northeast. With some judicious changes on the N25 southern ring road and the future N22 northern ring road, an M22/M25 ring could be created, and possibly renumbered. The N25 as far east as Midleton would be up to scratch too, as would the N22 up to Macroom to the west. Cork would then be at the centre of nearly as many motorways as Dublin - the M8, M20, M22, and M25. Notably, all of these would actually connect with the ring road, unlike at Dublin where the joins are via lower standard DC sections. In order to achieve all this, some junction upgrades or reconfiguration would be needed for the N22 and N25 sections encircling Cork.

There are three schemes in the pipeline that will lay most of the groundwork for this redesignation:

Since most of these projects are planned for the near future, the likelihood of an M25 along this routing is quite high.

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Origin N22, southwest of Cork City
Terminates Midleton, east of Cork
Places Served South Cork, East Cork, Midleton
Routes Spawned -
Intersects M8, N22


Please take a minute to answer a very short survey on your opinion of this road proposal.

Motorway Genius from Ireland rates this scheme 10/10 and its alignment 10/10; and reckons the standard is about right. He has the following comment to make:
"Yes, should be M25 and extend to Cork-Dungarvan-Waterford-Rosslare."

Middle Man from Ireland has this to say:
"I'd be concerned about the section from Dunkettle to Middleton including the upgrade of the old DC section west of Middleton. Of course, the CSRR is now the N40 - guess this item is older..."
He rates it 10/10 and thinks the standard should be higher: "D2M/D3M".

A visitor from Luxembourg (surely the site's first?) rates this 10 on both counts and just wants to say:

A person from Ireland rates this 10/10 and the alignment 8 but thinks it should be lower spec (HQDC):
"DC to Midleton is too dangerous at the moment for the volume and speed of traffic using it."
Note that the plan described here is to actually convert the road from HQDC to motorway.

An Irish person rates this 10/10 and the alignment 8, and has this to say:
"Dual carriageway standard should be extended from Midleton as far as Youghal bypassing both Killeagh and Castlemartyr, single carriagway east of Midleton currently in very bad state of affairs in both Castlemartyr and Killeagh and highly congested."

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